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Calm Your Body & Mind...


Massage Oil


Uplifting and rejuvenating, complete recharge to body and mind uniquely combination blend of sandalwood, fennel and in addition the refreshing  scent of basil awaken the senses.


Massage Oil


Created with the finest cinnamon with lightweight blend of sandalwood and touch of ylang-ylang, beneficial and stimulating to the senses.

Ancient Java

Massage Oil

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Anancient traditional blend of sandalwood, and vertiver,stimulating to the senses and calm the mind utilizes with multi vitamin to nourish the skin. 


Body Scrub

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After sun exposure, the skin thickness and begins to peel after a few days - exfoliating it both before and after not only might possible to keep it soft, but also "layer up the tan in a correct lasting manner"

The richness of vitamins C and E nourishing the skin. Apricot charnel helps in getting rid of the old dead skin cells.