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Ancient Secret Family Recipe

The launch of Neneq Java Essentials is to create and preserve beauty for long lasting time.

Dhita Hadisubrata learnt the natural and traditional way of beauty care from her grandmother and that is how NENEQ Java Essentials got its name.

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Dhita Hadisubrata

Dhita Hadisubrata who is also the founder of Neneq Java Essentials, grew up in a humble - village alongside her great grandmother and grandmother in Central Java.

At a very tender age she had developed an interest in health and body care product. This was due to her ancient family tradition of using traditional ingredients and herbs - to produce powder, cream and tinctures.

Being involved in the glamour world as a model and TV host made her get expose to - various beauty and cosmetic products. Anyhow she realized that side effect are - quite common for some of the products. The eagerness and determation of finding the best quality cosmetic product let to - the discovery of NENEQ Java Essentials.



A delicate touch to create long lasting beauty, Cantik Sejahtera does it with meaningful-product that would create a positive impact. Holding an unwavering commitment to honesty is the company's main philosophy. Cantik Sejahtera promises that all NeneQ Java Essentials, JE java essentials and PLUSH by je, which includes the skin care, hair care and fragrance series will deliver what it promised.

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Cantik Sejahtera aims to become the top leading beauty products manufacturing and distributing company in Indonesia and also to be world recognised-by collaborating with world leading beauty products companies.



To continously invest in our in-house research and development in order to continue improving and maintaining beauty worldwide.

The company believes in beautifying women through natural organic substance. We will continue to understand the needs of customer's personal and beauty care and satisfy their request with our various ranges of products.



An increase in the variaty range of products, combining the best javanese traditional ingredients with the state-of-the-art- scientic research technology. Our research & development team are dedicated to product quality and continual improvement. The company always strive to develop new and toxic-free beauty products for the well being of customer.

NENEQ Java Essentials has a large series of body and hair care and treatment products ensuring the best and clinically proven result. All products are made from pures and safest ingredients that are free from alcohol, colouring, hypoallergenic and paraben. These premium ingredients are sure of providing overall superior care for the whole body.